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Our History

Anderson Brothers Bank had its beginning in 1933 during the Depression period, days of little confidence and less money. Mr. Ernest Anderson and his brother, Mr. Bishop Bonar Anderson, responded to the needs of several tobacco warehousemen from Mullins who requested assistance in financing the Mullins tobacco market. The plight in Mullins was based on the fact that no bank was operating and no "city" bank was interested in financing a small town tobacco market. Warehousemen had appealed to large banks in Charlotte, Wilmington, Columbia, and Florence to no avail. Without a local bank, not only might Mullins lose its market, but several of the operators may lose their homes and farms as well.

Mullins Main Office - Vintage Anderson Brothers Bank had its origin in the back of the Anderson Warehouse in Mullins as a small office that was set up to finance the Mullins tobacco market. Financing meant loaning money to warehousemen so they could issue checks to farmers immediately following the sale of tobacco. Warehouse loans were paid off as tobacco companies such as Reynolds, American, Imperial, etc. paid the warehouses several days or weeks later for the tobacco they had bought. The small office at the back of the warehouse turned into a depository and eventually moved to Main Street, across from the bank's present main office in Mullins.

Financing the Mullins tobacco market meant saving a small town as well as the market. It was important to the merchants of Mullins that the farmers bring their tobacco here. Families "went to town" with their loads of tobacco to sell, and they patronized businesses during their visits. The economy in this small town grew from the sale of farm equipment, food, clothing, etc. Saving the market was essential to the vitality of Mullins and the surrounding area.

The two brothers worked well together. In the late 1930's, they acquired the building where the main office is presently located. Here, Bert Neal Anderson and Howard Anderson, sons of both brothers, became President in turn at the deaths of the brothers.

Today, under the leadership of Mr. Ernest Anderson's grandsons, Anderson Brothers Bank remains family-owned and operated. David E. Anderson serves as President/CEO, joined by his brothers Neal as Chairman of The Board of Directors and Executive Vice President and Tommy as Vice President. Great grandson's Rivers Anderson and Taylor Anderson are the fourth generation involved in day-to-day operations as loan officers in the Conway and Hemingway branches. These heirs of the original owners are vitally interested in the bank and maintain it as a family-owned and operated bank.

In 1933, Anderson Brothers Bank was opened with the idea of helping the families and businesses in the community. Today, our commitment to customers and communities remains unwavering and strong. Anderson Brothers Bank has built a reputation of helping individuals and families as they journey along life's path. Community banking isn't something to which we merely aspire-it's something we do, day in and day out. While big banks continue to gobble small banks, Anderson Brothers Bank remains family-owned... a place where employees know customers by name.

 Anderson Brothers Bank Timeline

ABB Timeline

  • 2009 Longs Branch Opens
  • 2007 2nd Loris Branch Opens
  • 2007 2nd Florence Branch Opens
  • 2006 Georgetown Branch Opens
  • 2006 2nd Conway Branch Opens
  • 2005 2nd Marion Branch Opens
  • 2003 Conway Branch Opens
  • 2003 Florence Branch Opens
  • 2000 Anderson Brothers Bank and Anderson State Bank Merge
  • 1998 Marion Branch Opens
  • 1998 Loris Branch Opens
  • 1997 Kingstree Branch Opens
  • 1997 Home Mortgage Center Opens in Mullins
  • 1997 Mullins Branch Relocates
  • 1996 Consumer Banking Center Opens in Mullins
  • 1989 North Myrtle Beach Branch Opens
  • 1979 Johnsonville Branch Opens
  • 1970 2nd Hemingway Branch Opens
  • 1966 2nd Mullins Branch Opens
  • 1962 Aynor Branch Opens
  • 1949 Bishop and Ernest Anderson open Anderson State Bank in Hemingway
  • 1933 Ernest and Bishop Anderson open Anderson Brothers Bank in Mullins