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Your Business is Our Business.

You know how to maximize the productivity of your business, but what about the productivity of your capital? We offer several business services to suit your needs:

Cash Management | Enroll

With Cash Management, you can collect payments faster, optimize the timing of payments and better maintain control over your funds.

  • Merchant Card Service-  Remove buying obstacles by giving your customers more ways to pay, offering Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover®.  Details 
  • Remote Deposit Capture - Save time by depositing checks right from your office. Details 
  • Control Payments - When it comes to running any successful business, cash flow is key. That's why we're dedicated to delivering affordable products designed especially to accelerate your receivables, control your payments and keep you secure.
  • Payroll Manager - Getting paid is fun, managing the details is not.
  • Debit Card - Managing daily expenses won't take all day when you use an Anderson Brothers Bank business Debit Card.
  • Wire Transfers - Move funds quickly to parties in the U.S. or other countries.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination - Improve the speed, accuracy and convenience of your online payments with an ACH electronic delivery system.
  • Account Reconciliation - Make balancing accounts as simple, accurate and efficient as possible.
  • Positive Pay - Add an extra layer of protection with this check fraud prevention feature that automatically reads the details of checks written on your Anderson Brothers Bank Checking account and compares them to the issue file you upload. Details 

To inquire about our Cash Management products, please call your Customer Service Representative or the Cash Management Department at 1-800-345-8081.

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