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Bill Pay User Guide

Log in to Internet Banking and select the Bill Payment tab

Contact your local branch to set up additional accounts.

  • Select Accounts from the ebanking submeu. 
  • Select transactions from account to search from
  • Search from Current Transactions by dates, amounts, check number and/or debit and credits.


  • There are two types of Payees Ė Electronic and Check
  • Electronic payees receive their payments electronically, while check payees receive their payments in the form of a check.


  • Funds for payments made to Electronic payees will debit your account on the payment date.
  • Funds for payments made to Check payees will debit your account when the check clears.
  • Select Payees to add a new electronic payee.
  • Fill in the payee fields and click Search.  If the Payee you entered is available as an Electronic Payee a link with Payee Type Electronic displays.
  • If the payee is not available as electronic, select the Add Check Payee button at the bottom of the page.
  • Payments can be added in one of two ways:
    • Quick Payment and Recurring Payment


Use Quick Payment that allows you to add up to 10 one-time payments on the same screen.

Use Add Payment for payments that happen on a regularly scheduled basis

  • Select Main > History under the Bill Payment Tab
  • Bill Payment history is available for 19 months