Over the last couple of years, wallets across the United States have been filled with new debit and credit cards that have an EMV chip. It is our goal to ensure your ease of use when it comes to Anderson Brothers Bank products, including our debit cards. Because these cards are quite different from your old cards, we compiled a few handy tips for using your ABB debit card: 
  • Dip the Chip. Most merchants are EMV-ready to accept your chip debit card. If the machine accepts chip cards, you MUST insert your card in the chip reader - do not swipe. If you swipe the card instead of inserting it into the chip reader at a chip-ready machine, your transaction will likely be denied. 
  • Swipe the Stripe. If the merchant has not enabled their EMV chip reader, you will need to swipe your debit card like you've always done.
  • Pay Attention to ATM Screens and Follow Directions. Anderson Brothers Bank ATMs require that you insert your ABB debit card, remove your card, insert your card again and proceed with your transaction. When prompted, remove your card from the machine. There are many benefits to EMV chip technology, particularly in preventing counterfeit fraud. Please give us a call at 800-345-8081 or stop by any Anderson Brothers Bank location to learn more.