$6,000 Annual Savings with One Visit to Anderson Brothers Bank


After seeing the ABB commercial on TV several times stating the Bank could make the loan process easy even for those with less-than-perfect credit, our new customer decided to visit the Market Common office to see what all the hype was about.  Owen Willis, ABB Loan Officer, met with him to discuss his various loans and how they may be consolidated.  To Owen's astonishment, the Annual Percentage Rates (APR) were very high and he quickly realized Anderson Brothers Bank could consolidate these loans at a much lower rate, resulting in a significantly lower monthly payment - a savings of nearly $500 per month!


Our new happy customer left the Market Common office that day with a refinanced loan to pay off his other three high-rate loans, low monthly payments, and an additional $1,400 cash in his pocket.  He knew his credit wasn't perfect and thought for sure he couldn't be helped and would be stuck making high monthly payments for the remainder of his loan terms.  However, one visit with an experienced Loan Officer at Anderson Brothers Bank proved that it's worth a quick trip to ABB to explore other options.  This new customer was so thrilled with his savings that he decided to deepen his relationship with ABB by opening a checking account and plans to return soon to refinance his auto loan.

  Details related to Two of the three loans refinanced by Anderson Brothers Bank:
(This information is directly  from the agreements of two of the loans refinanced.) 
Agreement Date Amount Financed APR Finance Charge Total Payments Term Payment 
3/28/18 $900.00 398.33% $2,818.08 $3,718.08 12 Months $309.81
7/5/18 $1,000.00 234.09%
$2,638.99 12 Months $219.93