ABB Anchors The Financial Pathway

P2PSC & ABB Team up for 8th Graders 

Pathways2Possibilities is an interactive career expo designed to help 8th-grade students explore various career pathways and connect their passions to potential future careers. Professionals from 19 different career pathways, aligned with national and state Department of Education standards, engage students through hands-on activities in their respective fields. Anderson Brothers Bank was privileged to oversee and work directly with the students in the financial pathway.

Volunteering ABB employees from various departments and locations shared their experiences on the job, highlighting the required training and education as well as fun ways to keep 8th graders engaged.

ABBers had students from 10 counties in South Carolina working through the financial sector. The 8th graders played the game of Life with real world scenarios and had the opportunity to spot counterfeit money.

Anderson Brothers Bank is looking forward to helping P2PSC with its 2025 event!