Fee Schedule

Fee Descriptions and Fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following limitations, if any, apply to your account. 

Fee Description Fee
Account Reconciliation / Account Research $20.00 per Hour; Minimum $10.00
ATM Fee - Non-ABB ATM used $1.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement or Custom Debit Card $10.00
eBanking B2B and/or P2P Outbound transfer $2.00
Check Cashing - Non-Customer $5.00
Collection Fee Domestic $20.00
Counter Checks $1.50 per 4 checks 
Charge Back Fee (Items deposited and returned) $3.00
Dormant Account Fee - An account is dormant if for one year no deposits or withdrawals have been made to account.       

Fee is charged monthly if:   Checking account balance is less than $250.00
                                                Savings account balance is less than $100.00
Early Account Closure  (90 days) $15.00
Garnishment, Levies, Attachments
IRA Transfer Fee
Lock Bags
Zipper Bags $5.00
OD Privilege Paid Item(s) Fee
$28.00 per item 
NSF Returned Item(s) Fee
$28.00 per item 
Overdraft Accrual Charge (Business Accounts Only - daily negative balance) 
*Small business and commercial accounts only - A daily fee beginning on the 2nd day of overdraft for each business day the account remains overdrawn.
Overdraft Privilege Paid Items(s) Fee
*The amount of overdraft privilege paid item(s) Fees that will be assessed in a day has been limited to five (5) per day or currently $140.00 on personal accounts. There is no limit to the fees that may be assessed in any one day on small business and commercial accounts.
Official Check - Cashiers Check
Quick Change Usage Fee (Not available at all branches)
4% - ABB Account Holders
8% - Non-ABB Account Holders
Remote Deposit Capture (Business Accounts with Check Scanner) 
$35.00 monthly account service charge
Safe Deposit Late Fee
Safe Deposit Drilling Fee
Temporary Statement 
Stop Payments
Undeliverable Mail 
Wires Outgoing Domestic
Wires Outgoing Foreign 
Member FDIC Fees revised on 03/2024

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