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Loan Savings Example. Example of loan
payments and rates for loan.    What personal loan will help get the money you need? 

Lady with car trouble in need of a loan for car repairs with a good rate.

Unexpected Expenses

Construction planning for loan with a low rate.

Home Projects

beach with umbrellas vacation with a loan with a great rate.

Dream Vacation

Consolidating Credit Cards
or other loans 

Credit Scores as low as 550 and loans as small as $1,000.  We have proven success by providing the lowest payment with our consumer loan products.  We make loans other banks don't at rates finance companies can't touch.  We have a personal loan for you!

A personal loan with Anderson Brothers Bank is the right fit for you.  Our team thrives to serve you with whatever your needs are anywhere from consolidating bills, buying a used or new car or even a dream vacation.  What separates us from all the others is that we make loans to credit scores less than perfect, at rates far better than a finance company.  

*Example effective as of 9/20/2021
Information from your consumer credit report is used as criteria of credit worthiness.  Maximum rate for a personal loan is 49% Annual Percentage Rate.  Repayment terms range from 12 months to 60 months.
Disclosure:  Subject to Credit Approval: ABB Example 1: Borrower credit score 770, unsecured personal loan, $7,500 loan proceeds disbursed to applicant. 59 monthly payments of $157.96 and 1 final monthly payment of $196.97 at interest rate of 9.599%.  ABB Example 2: Borrower credit score of 636, unsecured personal loan, $7,500 loan proceeds disbursed to applicant, 59 monthly payments of $209.98 and one final payment of $209.60 with an interest rate of 22.24%. APR =Annual Percentage Rate. Rates subject to change based on market conditions and may vary based on creditworthiness.
Not all applications will qualify, credit history, income verification and the amount of credit requested are considered in qualifying.