Mobile Banking with Anderson Brothers Bank

Some people travel miles and miles every day to take care of their to-do list. Others don't move around quite so much, but stay busy from first light to midnight. With Mobile Banking, you can easily tap into your accounts anytime - whether you're on the go, anchored at home, or working extra hours to make sure the job gets done right.

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  • Download the Anderson Brothers Bank Mobile App for free from Google Play or the App Store
  • Check ABB account balances, history including rates, due date, account and routing numbers
  • View recent transactions
  • Make transfers between your ABB account and accounts at other banks
  • Pay bills quickly
  • Manage your credit card (turn it "off," activate it or report it lost or stolen)
  • View eDocuments and check images
  • Receive alerts that inform you of important account activity
  • Find ABB ATMs and branch locations
  • Attach tags, notes and images to transactions to help you remember what each transaction included

Mobile Deposit

Maybe it's payday. Or your birthday. Or a friend finally repaid you for last week's movie tickets. Turn that paper check into cash in your account quicker than ever by using your smartphone camera.
  • Endorse your check as you normally would
  • Click photos of the front and back with your phone or tablet camera
  • Follow the other simple instructions in our Mobile App
  • You'll receive verification that your check has been deposited
  • Funds are often available as soon as the next business day
  • Security technology ensure that your account information remains private

Check Eligibility for Mobile Deposit

  • Checks must be made payable to you or an owner of the account.
  • Checks cannot be dated more than six (6) months prior to the date of deposit.
  • Checks must be properly endorsed. Proper endorsement includes all of the following information: 
      • Your signature
      • For mobile deposit only
      • Deposit Account Number
  • Checks must be drawn on a financial institution located within the United States and payable in U.S. currency.

Checks NOT Accepted For Mobile Deposit

  • Checks written by you from your account with ABB or another financial institution may not be accepted for Mobile Deposit.
  • Checks that have been previously submitted for deposit in person or through a mobile deposit service with ABB or another financial institution will not be accepted for Mobile Deposit.
  • Checks containing an obvious alteration to any fields on the check or otherwise not authorized by owner of account on which the check is drawn will not be accepted for Mobile Deposit.
  • Checks that have been converted to a substitute check will not be accepted for Mobile Deposit.
  • Checks that require authorization (e.g. ComChecks, Rapid Refund, etc.) will not be accepted for Mobile Deposit.
  • Checks that are made payable to Joint owners (using the word “and”) will not be accepted for Mobile Deposit.
  • Checks issued by US Treasury Department or State Government will not be accepted for Mobile Deposit.

Deposit Limits

We reserve the right to impose limits on the amount(s) and/or number of deposits that you can make using the mobile deposit service and to modify those limits from time to time. Current deposit limits are as follows:
  • Maximum dollar amount per day is $2,500 
  • Maximum number of items per day is 5 (five)
  • Maximum dollar amount per month is $10,000
  • Maximum number of items is per month is 20 (twenty)

Availability of Deposit

Checks deposited by Mobile Deposit may not be available for immediate withdrawal. ABB reserves the right to delay the availability of funds from any deposit made using Mobile Deposit at any time in our sole discretion. This includes any concern we may have regarding our ability to collect the funds based upon any check image that you present.

Approved mobile check deposits will be processed on business days when ABB is open for business (Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays). Deposits received and approved by 5:00 pm EST will be processed the same business day. Deposits received after 5:00 pm EST will be processed the next business day. Deposits are processed at the following intervals: 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm

Revocation of Mobile Deposit

Accounts can be revoked from Mobile Deposit accessibility at any time, if the user violates the terms of the Mobile Deposit Agreement; including, but not limited to:
  • Suspicion of Fraud
  • Multiple Returned Checks (chargebacks)
  • Duplicate Items
  • Not following check eligibility requirements
  • Accounts owned by the user are not current and in good standing


You will receive notification via email from Anderson Brothers Bank whether the check image you have submitted for deposit is approved, adjusted, or has been voided.

Anderson Brothers Bank is a full-service community bank with branches throughout the Pee Dee, Coastal and Low Country regions of South Carolina.

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