Customer Reviews of Anderson Brothers Bank


I had the best experience calling Anderson Bank. I spoke with one of the lenders, her name was Nicki, at the NMB branch and let me tell you, she was the nicest person I have had the pleasure of talking to. She was patient with me and answered all of my questions. We have been shopping around for a while now for a car and she gave us more information than anyone else has. So knowledgeable about the loan process. It was so refreshing to call a business and feel like you are important and we at this moment, are just asking questions. She did not have to take the time she did with us as we are not Anderson Bank customers (YET) after the experience we just had we sure will be! You made a big impact on us with your service and kindness. We have not had that experience even with a bank that we have been a customer with for over 20 years. Anderson bank sure is doing it right. Thank you.

                                                Google review - 12/07/23

Very friendly and helpful. We left the mega banks and have been customers at this location for over 5 years and from the first day, everyone knows my name when I walk in. We have all our personal and business accounts there as well as our other family members. Banking here is like a hometown experience. That’s The reason we came to Anderson Brothers Bank! We recommend ABB to everyone we know.
Google Review - 11/30/2023
I have been dealing with Anderson Brothers for more than 15 years. I dealt with Tammy and Jodie in Georgetown before Summerville opened I have referred several customers to them. They are all just like family great people and a great bank. 

Google Review - 10/4/2023




Great service. There all super friendly and helpful. Best bank I’ve had

Google review - 7/23/2023





I have been banking with Anderson Brothers for a few years now and I am so glad I decided to choose them to bake with! I always go to the market common location and the customer service there has always been amazing! They have always been quick to help if I’m having any issues! Anytime someone asked me who to bank with this is the place appointed to! 

Google review -  7/19/2023




Absolutely the best banking experience I’ve ever had. Was having trouble over the years with the larger banks. Anderson Brothers recognizes me every time I walk in and which is great for small business owners and just anyone. Super helpful. Just a great positive team of folks. I recommend them to everyone looking for good service

Google review - 7/18/2023