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Debit Cards

Q: What should I do if my card is canceled by the Fraud Center?
A: If your card is canceled due to fraud, you will need to contact the bank to order a new card.

Q: Are there limits on my debit card?
A: Yes, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500, and the daily point-of-sale (POS) transaction limit is $2,500.

Q: Can I reset my PIN number for my debit card?
A: Yes, you can reset your PIN at any ATM or by calling 800-345-8081. Select option 1, then option 5 (card services), and option 3 to change your Debit Card PIN.

Q: How do I activate my Debit Card?
A: Debit Cards must be activated by calling 800-290-7893.

Q: Do I receive my PIN in the mail?
A: No, you will establish your PIN when call  to activate your card.

Checking Account

Q: Can I open a checking or savings account online?
A: Yes, you can apply online for a checking account or a savings account.

Q: What is the initial deposit to open a checking or savings account?
A: The initial deposit required to open a checking or savings account is $50

Q: How can I find my routing and account numbers?
A: Your routing and account numbers are on the bottom of your checks. The first set is the routing number, and the second set is your account number. You can also view this information in our mobile app by selecting the account and viewing the details at the bottom of the screen. Our website lists our routing number at the top of each page.


Q: How can I make my loan payment?
A: There are several ways to make a payment:
  • Use our automated payment line 703-829-5925
    • You will need the last 6 of your Social Security Number and Zip code
    • Spanish options available 
  • Contact our Customer Care Center at 800-345-8081, option 3, to speak with a customer care specialist.  There is no fee to make your payment.
  • Visit your local branch.  They are always happy to assist you in person.