ABB Fraud & Scam Center

Avoid Fraud: Do not share your personal information with anyone posing as our institution.
If you feel that you have been the victim of fraud, contact Anderson Brothers Bank at 800-345-8081

Anderson Brothers Bank Remaining Diligent:

As a financial leader, ABB takes the protection of your finances and personal information very seriously. We have implemented several policies and procedures to ensure that the highest level of security is maintained. It is also our responsibility to educate our customers and community on the latest frauds and scams affecting the financial sector. Below is a list of the most recent scams impacting our community.
Fraud or Scam Definition  Learn More
Cyberattack  A malicious and deliberate attempt by an individual or organization to breach the information system of another individual or organization. Cyberattack
Phishing Phishing is when you get emails, texts, or calls that seem to be from companies or people you know, but they’re actually from scammers. They want you to click on a link or share personal information (like a password or social security number) so that they can use that information to steal your money and/or identity. Phishing
Charity Scams Charity scam schemes seek donations for organizations that do little or no work—instead, the money goes to the fake charity’s creator. Charity Scams
Check Washing Stealing paper checks from the mail, altering them, and cashing them illegally. Check Washing
Account Takeover An account takeover happens when a fraudster poses as a financial institution to get your personal or account information. Once the fraudster has access to your account, they can make unauthorized transactions. Account Takeover