Identifying Legitimate Fraud Inquiries from ABB

Fraud is a significant issue that affects individuals, businesses, and governments all over the world. Anderson Brothers Bank is no different. 

Though ABB takes decisive preventive measures to block all fraudulent attempts, fraudsters find a way.

Here is the most recent example:

This is an actual message that was received by an ABB customer. The fraudsters hope to access customer's login credentials by having them click a link. If you have clicked on the link and provided your username and password, please contact us at 800-123-4561.  Otherwise, delete the text.

Helpful Tips

If you need clarification on the contact received about Anderson Brothers Bank, please call 1-800-345-8081 or visit the closest branch. (Locations)
Please do not click links!
Valid ABB Fraud messages from ABB are delivered from FreeMSG ABBank Fraud Alert and will include a number to call and to Reply V for Valid or F if Fraud, and It will not have a link to click to approve or use to stop.
Be on the lookout for incorrect grammar or shortened names. These are indicators of fraud to be suspicious of, and call numbers you know to be from reliable sources before clicking or sharing your personal information.  
Stay diligent and be proactive.  

Thank you for choosing Anderson Brothers Bank!