Unexpected Expense help at ABB

What is an Unexpected Expense?

An unexpected expense is simply an expense that was not planned for. Unexpected expenses typically pop up out of the blue. They can be tough to manage and usually exceed most budgets.  

How to handle an Unexpected Expense? 

You can move money around or pick up extra shifts at work to help cover unexpected shortfalls. No matter how well you budget or how skilled you are at stretching a dollar, sometimes you need help to meet the demands of unforeseen expenses.  

Extra help is available through personal loans that deal strictly with unexpected expenses. Anderson Brothers Bank has been helping residents of South Carolina since 1933. ABB was established to help others during the great depression. Anderson Brothers Bank was formed when the two other Mullins, SC banks had to shut down. Anderson Brothers Bank's purpose is to help. 

Events that qualify for an Unexpected Expense Loan:

  • Auto expenses
  • Medical emergencies
  • Pet emergencies
  • Home repair
  • School expenses

Anderson Brothers Bank Unexpected Expense loan: 

  • Hassle-Free Process
  • Quick Decisions
  • Low Credit Loans Available

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